Industry Focus

  • Enterprise Software

    Since our founding in 2001, Pharus has provided highly-effective and creative advisory services across the entire enterprise software universe. We have administered our advisory services to an array of leading companies across a diverse set of verticals ranging from industrial automation technology to financial solutions. As a result, we have accumulated relevant experience, key relationships, and transaction expertise across several key verticals, including, but not limited to:

    Business Intelligence and Data
    Customer Relationship Management
    Enterprise Content and Information Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Financial Technology
    Human Capital and Workforce Management
    Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
    Supply Chain Management
    Retail Technology
    Security Solutions

  • Tech Enabled Services

    With throughout our history, Pharus has worked leading technology-focused providers of business services, including some of the largest and most innovative companies in their respective verticals. These engagements have enabled Pharus to develop extensive transactional experience, comprehensive knowledge, and a network of influential relationships across several important verticals, including, but not limited to:

    Advertising and Marketing Agencies and Services
    Business Process Outsourcing and Management
    IT Consulting and Integration Services
    Knowledge Process Outsourcing
    Network and Data Center Management
    Managed Services
    Payment Processing
    Technology Design and Development
    Technology Resellers

  • Digital Media & Media Technology

    As the media landscape continues to evolve, Pharus has been steadily engaged by a number of leading providers of digital media and media technology. These engagements have granted Pharus with deep transactional expertise, a comprehensive understanding, and a broad set of relationships across quickly developing verticals within the sector, including, but not limited to:

    Analytics and Measurement
    Broadcast Technology
    Content Delivery and Management
    Digital Advertising and Marketing Technology
    Digital Signage and Out of Home Advertising
    Media Rights Management
    Meta Data Management
    Mobile Applications and Media
    Social Media
    Video and Interactive Media

  • Education Technology

    In recent years, Pharus has been engaged by a number of prominent providers of education technology, which has further deepened Pharus’ transactional experience and network of key relationships across the sector. These engagements have also driven our understanding and recognition of the evolutionary precipice of the education sector. Moreover, it has positioned Pharus to provide unique and highly-effective advisory services across a considerable number of edTech verticals for K-12, higher education and corporate / continuing education, including, but not limited to:

    Communication Technology
    Classroom and Course Management
    Data and Systems Management
    Digital Courses and Content
    Corporate Education Technology
    Education HCM and Talent Management
    Education Marketplaces
    Language Learning
    Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    Platform and Administrative
    Special Education
    Student Assessment and Evaluation
    Student Information Systems (SIS)
    Teacher Tools
    Test Preparation and Tutoring Software

  • Personal Care & Dermatology

    The combination of Pharus professionals with direct personal care and dermatology sector experience and client engagements within the space, have provided Pharus with highly-relevant transactional expertise, in-depth knowledge, and a network of significant relationships across several key verticals within the sector, including, but not limited to:

    Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals
    Dermatology Practices and Services
    Medical Devices
    Haircare Products
    Facial and Skincare Products

  • Healthcare and Consumer Health

    Pharus has also built up comprehensive expertise, relationships, and been engaged by several companies across a number of consumer health verticals, including, but not limited to:

    Consumer Medical Devices
    Oral Care
    Fast Moving Consumer Goods